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Chinese New Year Gift Set - Organic Raw Granola & Cinnamon Coconut Crisps

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This is a  CNY Edition Gift Box that contains one jar of CNY Edition of Organic Raw Granola and another jar of CNY Edition Organic Raw Coconut Crisps with Cinnamon. The jars are placed in a paper packaging with a ribbon and you also have the option to add another decorative cloth which makes it a perfect gift to bring to friends and relatives' gathering during Chinese New Year.

A set of paleo friendly nutritious snacks that are a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a prosperous new year. Health is Wealth! 

As we always do, this snack is made with selected high-quality raw ingredients and they are cold processed to achieve the best flavors as well as preserving nutrients.

This raw snacks are handmade with real food without any fillers or chemicals!

Suggested use: Perfect for a Chinese New Year's gift and/or to snack with friends and family. We only use high quality ingredients to hand make each batch. No white sugar, coloring, flavoring, preservatives or additives are used in our snacks. Enjoy the natural sweetness of the low Glycemic Index coconut sugar and raw ingredients.

Ingredients (Granola): pecans, cranberries*, sunflower seeds*, cashews*, coconut flower sugar*, dark maple syrup*, pumpkin seeds, Himalayan Crystal Salt, cinnamon*

Ingredients (Cinnamon Coconut Crisps): Coconut Shreds*, raw coconut flower sugar*, cinnamon*, Himalayan Crystal Salt

*Certified Organic by USDA

Nutritional value (Granola):

Nutritional value (Matcha Flavor Coconut Crisps):

Packaging: 2 Glass Jars in a paper gift box

*This product was prepared in a vegan kitchen.  However, if you have or are concerned about food allergies, please contact us at before consuming this product.  

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