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JOSE GOURMET Tuna (3 Flavours Available)

  • HK$4800

1. JOSE GOURMENT Tuna in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jose Gourmet Ventresca tuna in olive oil, also known as Ventrusca, is revered by tuna lovers as some of the best tinned tuna you can buy! In sandwiches, stirred through pasta or even just straight from the tin, this is a delicacy you & l have no trouble enjoying.

Ventresca is an oil-rich fillet cut from the belly of the white tuna fish, known as bonito del norte


An excellent supply of proteins, lipids, vitamins and mineral salts, tuna has a special place in the Mediterranean diet. Different parts of tuna may be cooked and preserved with high food value and a source of omega 3. Ventrusca tuna concentrates a higher amount of fat, a creamier texture and is richer to the palate. Such a precious delicacy!

There once was a tuna that decided to warm up the water by raising his body temperature. ‘Feeling cold,’ he said! He couldn’t warm up the entire ocean, but he still keeps his body so warm that the icy waters melt as he swims along.


tuna (70%), olive oil (29.3%), salt. Contains allergens: fish.



Potato salad with ketchup and tuna mayonnaise
Boil 200g of cube—cut potatoes. Drain and let cool. Add 1 tin of corn and a few black olives. Mix 1,5dl of mayonnaise with ketchup, and mix in with the salad. Decorate with 2 ventresca tuna tins.


A thousand sheets ventresca tuna fish with confit tomato
Grill, at 180°C, 4 garlic cloves wrapped in foil for 40’. Cut off the ends of each clove and squash until you get a brownish paste to which you must add the oil from the tin. Use the rolling pin to thin out 1/2 kg puff pastry until it is 2mm high and bake in the oven at 210°C. Let cool and cut into 3 rectangular pieces. Top two rectangular pieces with 1 soup spoon of the garlic paste and 4 gherkins or cornichons, which have been sliced length—wise. Place the sliced ventresca on top. Cover with the third rectangle of puff pastry. Serve with 250g confit cherry tomato. Place in a baking tray and in the oven at 150°C for 20’. Sprinkle 1 espresso spoon of icing sugar, salt, 2 smashed garlic cloves and olive oil.




2.  JOSE GOURMENT Tuna Pâté 75g


Jose Gourmet smooth pate of tuna and Portuguese olive oil, tomato, vinegar and salt.

Our tuna is fished from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, without ever losing its properties and initial freshness. Our delicious pâté can be savored au naturel or in combination with other foods in a variety of different dishes.

Some days your appetite meets your gastronomical curiosity!


Tuna(55%), Other Fish, Olive Oil, Tomato, Vinegar, Spices, Salt



3. JOSE GOURMENT Spiced Tuna Pâté 75g


We have another version of the tuna pâté. For this version, we take the usual condiment of our pâtés (olive oil, tomato, vinegar and pepper) and add piri-piri to the mix. The spicy aroma is smooth and well-balanced with the remaining ingredients. Put this product to the pressure test: hurry on home and whip up an appetizer.

Some days one minute is enough to prepare an hour of pleasure!

Jose Gourmet spiced tuna pate is an instant gourmet starter or snack. Spread generously on warm, crusty bread and enjoy. The tin is also ideal for taking on picnics.


tuna (55%), red peppers, olive oil, tomato, vinegar, spices, salt. Contains allergens: fish.