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Mayver's Protein+ Peanut Butter (2 Flavours)

  • HK$10800

No added oil
No added sugar
No hardened fats
Nothing artificial
No additives
Locally made


Mayver’s Protein+ Peanut Butter


Mayver’s Protein+ Peanut Butter packs more Protein into a super tasty blend of crunchy and smooth Peanut Butter, without any badditives. It’s simply Roasted Peanuts, Crushed and blended with peanut flour and salt.


Like all our other Peanut Butters, it contains absolutely no added oil, sugar, gluten, dairy, cholesterol or hardened fats. Our peanuts are carefully selected then lightly roasted, mixed with the finest sea salt and ground to perfection giving it a naturally sweet tasting, crunchy texture with a tiny zing!



Mayver's Protein+ with Hemp Seeds Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter with Hemp – Supercharge your toast the natural way!


A world first, our Protein+ Peanut Butter with Hemp seeds is made from peanuts and salt, boasting 32% dairy free peanut protein! Great for busy active bodies that need an extra hit of protein.


Mayver’s Protein+ with Hemp contains added hemp seeds for an extra protein punch! Hemp provides a source of protein including levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.


It’s extra delicious on toast, or in your favourite Peanut recipe today. Check out our latest cookbook for inspiration.

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